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Salespulse have developed the premier Adult / Further Education Management system in Ireland. It is used by 30 of the 33 Vocational Education Committees (VECs), by the Adult Refugee Programme as well as other organisations.

The system allows you to effectively manage and keep track of your students or learners, your classes and tutors in an easy to use manner.

You can very easily communicate with your students or tutors using inbuilt emailing & texting functionality. For example if a class is cancelled you can send all the students on that class a text with a few clicks.

You can record student attendance, manage your waiting lists and some of the modules allow students to register themselves online directly.

Below we list some of the key Features and Benefits.

Benefits & Features of the system :

  • Track, Profile & Manage your Learners.
  • Text your learners, your tutors or Groups
  • Generate Timetables for Centre, Tutor or Location
  • Manage Course & Modules run by your programme
  • Report by Course, by Learner and by activity.
  • Produce your Bi-Annual Reports with a few clicks.
  • Profile the people that come into contact with your service to ensure you are reaching the right Target
  • Reduce paperwork and save time
  • Tutor module lets you link tutors to courses
  • Let tutors login to see their own modules
  • Local login to view Learners & Courses assigned to their your own locality
  • View countywide statistics showing total numbers of active Learners, breakdown of certification achieved by Participant Grouping
  • Manage Course requests from members of the public as well as progression requests
  • Print Labels to Learners
  • Print Labels for groups of Learners who all achieved certification on a certain day. Saves time for presentations.
  • Send email to all the Learners from a particular module
  • Access the system securely online from the Office, from a Learning centre or from home if required.
  • Download any details from the system to Excel for further local manipulation.
  • Nightly backup taken by Salespulse
  • Training & Support provided
  • Produce a list of all active modules that are currently running in your organisation
  • Verifies if the PPSN is a valid number
  • Generate your own Mail Merge letters easily
  • Automatically calculate the Category of person from the data.

Adult Education System

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