SalesPulse is an Irish Software & Consultancy company. We have been providing solutions to the Business, Education & Government sectors for over 14 years.

Some of our consultancy solutions included Business Planning, Data Analysis, Training, Business Process Re-engineering and Change Management.


Business Consultancy


Many of our database solutions will end up with large volumes of client data, particularly if they have been in use over a number of years. We have carried out advanced analysis on client data at their request to help them analyse large amounts of data. This showed up trends from year to year and allowed our clients to use the large data they had compiled to their advantage.

Refrigerated Trucking system

A large servicing and installation company needed to track and manage all the work done by their service personnel on every vehicle. To comply with their regulatory requirement they needed a precise audit trail that could not be adjusted. Our solution also allowed their customers to sign off on a tablet all the work done during servicing. It also included an online facility where their clients could login and book a vehicle in for servicing. We also put in place a system for pro-active reminders to remind clients when their next servicing was due.

Phone Repair tracking system

This project began with a small number of phone repair shops and repair centres. We needed to build in scalability to allow for rapid growth and roll out of the system. It expanded to manage and track repairs from over 250 shops and 6 repair centres. It integrated with a large call centre in India and was also linked with seven major phone manufacturers. An integrated stock system tracked all the parts used across the repair centres. Individual customers could check the status of their phone repair online. Quality reporting was paramount to the project and KPIs of shops and repair centres were needed for management, all of which we developed.

Grants Management system

We worked with a national organisation in Ireland to design a grants management system. They wanted to reduce paper records as much as possible for both the applicants and the organisation. In order to achieve this the process had to cover the full life cycle of the grant from registration through to assessment, notifications to applicant, acceptance of offers, claims for payment and actual payment. We also developed comprehensive reporting. The process was carefully mapped out and the various modules were built in an iterative process with maximum user input.


Education Consultancy

Online Course and Learner Management System


SalesPulse developed a national Adult / Further Education Management system. It is currently used by all Education & Training boards (formerly VECs) in Ireland, and by many other organisations.

This system tracks and manages learners on courses. It has a comprehensive hierarchy that allows administration at national level, county level, locality level right down to individual learners who can log in and register themselves onto courses.

We allowed the colleges to communicate with their students & tutors using inbuilt emailing & texting functionality. For example, if a class is cancelled they could send all the students in their class a text with a few clicks.

We developed student attendance management, the management of waiting lists and other modules that allow students to register themselves online directly. Below we list some of the key Features and Benefits:

hands and computer



  • Track, Profile & Manage your Learners
  • Text your learners, tutors or Groups
  • Generate Timetables for Centre, Tutor or Location
  • Produce your Bi-Annual Reports with a few clicks
  • Nightly backup taken by Salespulse
  • Verifies if the PPSN is a valid number
  • Access the system securely online from anywhere
  • Reduce paperwork and save time

Primary schools Management


The system includes databases of children, parents, teachers & Boards of Management. Communication with parents & Teachers, School Attendance, generation of reports and annual returns. It was built to reduce the routine administration of a Primary school. Provides integrated texting to parents, teachers and sub teachers in just a few clicks.

The built-in user hierarchy allows the school to decide which users can access different parts of the system. For example you can set up a user to only see their own class, you can set read only access or you can allow a treasurer to only have access to the accounts section. Teachers can update the attendance for their class.



  • Easy to Use Screen and Menus
  • Phone and Email support
  • Attendance can be updated centrally and by teachers
  • Build your own reports
  • Text parents individually, by class or for whole school
  • Access the system securely online from anywhere
  • Pupil Payments system

Careers & Counselling System


We worked with a number of 3rd level institutions on this project. We advised on how best they would analyse their data and generate quality management information and report on KPIs. They needed a database of their students and also a database of employers that would allow them to record all interactions with the employers. This allowed them to record job placements for students and to communicate with the employers in their regions. This helped them to reduce administration. We developed the facility to have different logins for the Career advisors and the Counsellors in order to protect confidentiality.

Two of the colleges that used this system were Limerick Institute of Technology and Cork Institute of Technology.

LIT logo
CIT logo



  • Full Student Profile
  • Shared Diary
  • Report Generator
  • Customisable Screens
  • Text a Student Facility
  • Data Backup & Secure Login

Guidance Management


We were approached by a national organisation who now has over 40 offices around the country that provide career guidance to adults. They needed to generate local and national reporting on the people that used their service, what meetings they held and what progress the people made.

The national organisation needed to report to the Irish Department of Education. We built an interface that allowed the Department to log in directly so they could generate their statistical returns directly while not having any access to any confidential client data. This completely removed the requirements for the 40 offices to prepare returns.



  • Profile of all clients
  • Record details of client meetings.
  • Easily extract management reports
  • Customisable Screens
  • Record time spent on queries

This system has been deployed in 41 offices of the Adult Guidance section of the National Centre for Guidance in Education (www.ncge.ie)


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SalesPulse is a software development and business consultancy company.
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